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Radio NZ listenership figures

Recently a number of commentators and politicians (who really should know better, and probably do) have claimed that Radio New Zealand does not publish its listener stats, and in fact keeps these a secret. This is untrue. From the Radio New Zealand website - Audience research:
Radio New Zealand has a statutory requirement to report quantitative and qualitative results against designated Charter obligations. Information relating to cumulative audience figures is made available to the public through [the RadioNZ] website, in the Radio New Zealand Annual Report (also on [the RadioNZ] website) and to Parliamentary Select Committees.

Public Value

Radio New Zealand conducts attitudinal research to measure how its services are perceived by listeners and non-listeners. Latest results show:
  • Radio New Zealand is highly regarded by the vast majority of New Zealanders, including non-listeners.
  • 84% agree that it was important for New Zealand to have a public service radio broadcaster (7% disagree).
  • 75% agree that Radio New Zealand provides a valuable service for New Zealanders (7% disagree).
Source: Radio New Zealand Value Indices Research carried out by Nielsen Media among the general public. (Telephone omnibus surveys conducted among randomly selected respondents in September 2008 and March 2009. Fully nationwide sample of 1000 people aged 15 years and over in each survey.)

Live Listening – most recent results

Results from radio audience surveying carried out by Nielsen Media for the period September 2008 to September 2009, and are shown below. These results relate to listening in New Zealand by people aged 15 years and over, who are randomly selected nationwide.
  • Weekly live cume audience for Radio New Zealand (National and Concert combined) is 553,000 people.
  • Weekly live cume audience for Radio New Zealand National is 495,000 or about 15% of the 15+ population.
  • Weekly live cume audience for Radio New Zealand Concert is 132,000 or 4% of the 15+ population.
[Source: The All New Zealand Radio Survey, for September 2008 to September 2009, among people aged 15+, Monday to Sunday, 12 midnight to 12 midnight: Nielsen Media research] The sample size for the September 2008 to September 2009 period is 4176 people.

Online Listening

While live streaming through the website is captured in the normal 40 week surveys, time-shifted listening such as audio-on-demand or podcasting is not. Time-shifted listening therefore represents additional listening, above and beyond the live audience figures shown above. Time-shifted listening reaches new audiences for Radio New Zealand, such as New Zealanders living overseas. Since the launch of the current version of the Radio New Zealand website there has been huge growth in website listening. During the 12 month period to the end of June 2009 eight million programmes or programme segments were replayed via its website. The volume of online listening - which includes audio-on-demand and podcasting - was almost double the level recorded in the June 2008 ending year.
It's worth noting that the commercial radio industry excludes Radio New Zealand audience data from published survey information because Radio New Zealand networks are non-commercial and their listeners are not considered part of the market available to potential advertisers. Find out more about audience research from the Radio New Zealand website.