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Who to contact

Peter Dunne Party leader and Spokesperson for Arts, Culture and Heritage Email: Phone: (04) 817 6827 Fax: (04) 817 6527

What they say

From UnitedFuture's Broadcasting policy:
UnitedFuture is committed to a broadcasting system that is inclusive, responsive and broad-based for all New Zealanders. Broadcasting is a comprehensive medium for promoting democracy and an essential social and cultural tool to transmit New Zealand’s cultural and national identity. It is UnitedFuture policy to:
  • Ensure a particular focus on improving quality, accountability and transparency within all publicly funded broadcasting services.
  • Maintain Radio New Zealand in public ownership, notwithstanding changes to its structure or operation.
  • Support Radio New Zealand’s transmission to the greater Pacific region.
  • Ensure that the sound archives housed at Radio New Zealand are protected and digitally recorded.

How they responded to our email

Peter Dunne replied to our email within 24 hours, and confirmed the information we already have on this page. Thanks, Peter!
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