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Who to contact

Jonathan Coleman Minister for Broadcasting Email: Phone: (04) 817 6818 (Parliament) Phone: (09) 419 8021 (Electorate) Christopher Finlayson Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Email: Phone: (04) 387 8154 (Parliament) Phone: (04) 387 8154 (Electorate)

What they say

From National's Broadcasting policy: Diversity & choice press release (07/07/08):
Other aspects of the policy include:
  • Retaining ownership of all current state broadcasters, and maintaining support for the Freeview platform.
  • Demanding clear accountability for the $79 million of direct funding that goes to TVNZ 6 & 7.
  • Continued support for Maori Television.
  • Analogue switch-off by 2015. The final date will be confirmed once 75% of households have digital, or 2012, whichever occurs first.
  • Continued funding for Radio NZ National, Pacific Radio Trust, and Access Radio.
  • Regular publication of rating/audience/household penetration data for any broadcasting entity receiving state funding.
“National is advocating a new funding model for public broadcasting that is compatible with the rapidly evolving technological environment. It is founded on the principle that we will ensure public funds are used for quality public broadcasting, and it will promote transparency, accountability, and competition in the broadcasting sector.”

How they responded to our email

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