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Party policies on RadioNZ – a comparison

We know from comments on the Facebook group that our members come from right across the political spectrum. We thought it might be useful for you to be able to compare and contrast the various political parties' policies and statements about Radio New Zealand. When it comes to making a decision about who to vote for at the next election, it's useful to know what each party plans to do with the things we care about. We've also included contact details for the appropriate people in each party so that you can contact them directly if you'd like to discuss their party's approach to Radio New Zealand in more detail. We're starting each page with links to all the statements or policy relating to Radio New Zealand that we could find on their party websites. We've also written to each Broadcasting spokesperson and each Arts, Culture & Heritage spokesperson (or the party leader if they don't have specific spokespeople), asking them for an official statement that we can put on the website. We'll let you know which ones get back to us, and what they said.