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Useful stuff

This section of the website contains links to anything and everything that might be of use as you find out more about Radio New Zealand and the government's plans, as you talk to your friends and colleagues, and as you work with us to encourage the government to change its mind. Enjoy!

Annual Reports

Radio NZ makes its Annual Reports and other important documentation such as their latest Statement of Intent available as PDFs on its website. Read more

NZ On Air Funding

NZ On Air is tasked with funding Radio New Zealand National and Radio New Zealand Concert. Radio New Zealand also raises some of its funding itself. Read more

Radio NZ listenership figures

Have you recently heard someone say that Radio New Zealand doesn't publish the details of its listener numbers? It does! You can find them on the RadioNZ website, or read a summary here. Read more

The KPMG report

We've all heard commentators and politicians talk about it. What is it, and what does it say about the level of Radio New Zealand funding? Read more

The NZ Radio Awards

At the 2009 New Zealand Radio Awards, Radio New Zealand staff won a total of 13 awards for excellence, including being named New Zealand’s best radio station. It was the first time a non-commercial public service broadcaster had won the radio industry’s top award. We've got the full list. Read more