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Can you organise events? Do design? Rally the troops? Make badges? Help out in any way? Save Radio New Zealand is always on the lookout for people who can help spread the word. If you think you would be interested in volunteering, please get in touch!
  1. Joel Spry permalink

    I would love to help volunteer !! ANYTHING to save this service !!

  2. Luiza permalink

    I know Joel Spry and you could put us on the same team if you want REAL action!

  3. Sharon permalink

    Hi there, I would love to help in any way! Give me a call on 354 3496, or 0211808406 🙂

  4. Paul McLaren permalink

    Hi,I would love to help, and hate the thought of more dumming-down, as with the loss of TV 7, but even MORE so.
    Surely, MANY RNZ listeners are likely to be the type to be strongly motivated, to muster their support network(s), and generate an overwhelming support?!
    “never give up’
    Paul McL

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