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Seeing as we listen to Radio New Zealand, it makes sense to include audio files. Most of these files are on the Radio NZ website - check out their audio help page if you have any problems downloading or listening to these files online.

Save Radio New Zealand says broadcaster is being strangled

Radio New Zealand - Morning Report, 17/03/10 The Save Radio New Zealand group met in Wellington last night to discuss what it's calling a manufactured funding crisis, designed to strangle the public broadcaster. (duration: 3′26″) Download: Ogg Vorbis | MP3

Move to tighten RNZ's belt described as 'purely political'

Radio New Zealand - Morning Report, 19/02/10 Parliament has been told the quality of Radio New Zealand's service will inevitably decline if government funding remains frozen. (duration: 10′53″) Download: Ogg Vorbis | MP3

Minister brushes off claims of political interference

Radio New Zealand - Morning Report, 19/02/10 The Broadcasting Minister is being accused of political interference, as he pushes the board of Radio New Zealand to find ways to cut costs. (duration: 2′01″) Download: Ogg Vorbis | MP3

Future of Radio New Zealand is questioned

Radio New Zealand - Checkpoint, 18/02/10 The future of the public broadcaster has come under question after the release of documents detailing Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman's concerns about whether Radio New Zealand is doing enough to live within its means. Download: mp3

RNZ directed to find ways to cut costs

Radio New Zealand - Morning Report, 18/02/10 The Broadcasting Minister has directed the board of Radio New Zealand to make a concerted effort to cut costs, which could result in a fundamental change to the way the public broadcaster operates. (duration: 5′24″) Download: Ogg Vorbis | MP3